Hello! I'm The Flower Truck! Although I wasn't always a Flower Truck..

I'm a proud 1977 Chevrolet Kabmaster. I worked really hard for over 30 years in the USA as a delivery truck. After my retirement the future looked very sad.

Many years passed. I was a real mess until I was put on a boat and shipped to England. The people in England looked after me and gave me a complete make over and I got a job as a hotdog van. I worked at places like Wembley, The O2, and even had a private party with One Direction.

But things changed and once again I found myself out of work...

Passionate Flowers came to my rescue! They needed a totally unique flower deliver truck and they said I was perfect! 

Now you can find me around the beautiful city of Cambridge in England, mostly delivering flowers or sometimes a pop-up flower shop and even as the venue for flower parties!

If you spot me on the road then give me a wave or a honk of your horn! Feel free to take a photo and share on Instagram or Facebook. Tag me #theflowertruck


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